This site and its associated social media are maintained by Peter Buck. That’s me – I’m an actual person. I’m a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, an entrepreneur, a creative, and a 3x micro-business owner. I managed to earn a Bachelors degree in Emergency Management while on active duty and running my first micro-business as a handyman, and eventually an MBA focused in Entrepreneurship while wrapping up my active duty service and simultaneously launching my current micro-business doing bicycle repair.

My goal is to help aspiring and fellow micro-business owners find their way.

Why am I passionate about this?

It’s partly because I know firsthand the feeling that comes from being your own boss. During the covid-19 pandemic I watched many local businesses flounder while others thrived, mostly without reason, and I realized how fragile the microbusiness ecosystem really is. This is especially true when one considers that the “small business” support systems that have been put in place aren’t really for “small” businesses.

I believe that an important first step in that process is to normalize the use of the term “micro-business” as a distinction from “small business”, and to acknowledge that the struggles and fears we face as micro-business owners are not always the same as those of small business owners. The questions we have are not the same, the obstacles we face are not the same, and the hurdles we have to clear are not the same.

You can read my thoughts about all of that via the blog on this site, by following my instagram and twitter channels, and by subscribing to my email list whenever I get around to creating one (relax, I’m not going to sell your info or spam you). In the future I am thinking about writing an ebook summarizing my thoughts on the above as well.

For now though my goal is just to share my ideas and hopefully help some people along the way.

Working an event circa 2019 – and proof that I am an actual person with an actual business