Top 5 Worst Business Terms and Phrases

Lead Magnet. Content. Funnel. Value. Hop / jump on a call.

These are a few of my (least) favorite things.

Hot take: Every one of these terms and phrases has been specifically cultivated to be as annoying, erroneous, and/or full of sh!t as possible. It seems like businesspeople either don’t realize how ridiculous these phrases/words are, or they don’t care, OR – worst of all – they don’t think there’s a problem with it. You’ve gotta talk the talk, right?


The reality is that people will say and do WHATEVER they think is going to get them results – the almighty conversion. Instead, let’s build communities, relationships, have conversations, and stop trying to whittle everyone down to a metric or a data point.

I know, I know… this is blasphemous language.

But what if there’s more to your business than your lead magnet conversion rate? What if your run rate isn’t the most important metric on your dashboard? What would happen if your customers and clients weren’t connections to be leveraged?

In that sort of world, there would be changes.

Pitches would become obsolete. Presentations would be replaced by conversations (shoutout: Blair Enns). Meaningful relationships would be formed that yielded more than just increased customer lifetime value. Customer retention wouldn’t be an issue, because those customers – or, said differently, the human beings that you have the privilege of serving – would have such an open dialogue with you and your business that they’d retain themselves. And then they’d turn in to superfans who’ll do a better job promoting your business than you ever could by yourself.

There are so many directions that one could take this train of thought. What direction is it leading you? We’ll discuss in a future podcast episode and add it to the next Circle update as well at

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